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Coastal Pet Products Turbo Assorted Ball Cat Toys Krinkle Ball (1.5")

Coastal Pet Products

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Elevate your feline friend's entertainment and physical activity levels with the captivating Turbo® Assorted Ball Cat Toys! Crafted to engage and delight, these toys are thoughtfully designed using an array of stimulating materials such as feathers, sponge, plastic, and fuzzy fabrics. Certain styles even feature an incorporated bell, providing an extra layer of sensory stimulation for your curious companion. Watch in delight as your cat is captivated by the playful movements of these ball toys, bouncing, rolling, and twirling during their interactive play sessions. Take the opportunity to select from a range of enticing ball toys, each uniquely designed to cater to your cat's preferences, and share in the joy of playful moments with your beloved feline companion!


Ideal for active cat play and everyday use.