JW Hol-ee Roller Cat Wand

JW Hol-ee Roller Cat Wand


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JW's® Hol-ee Roller® Cat Wand is an exciting wand that is designed to activate your cat's natural instinct to pounce and play. The flexible wand and wire provides quick movements as you move your wrist from side-to-side to test your cat's agility. The Hol-ee Roller at the end of the wand can be stuffed with treats, feathers, or yarn to take playtime up a notch. Spend hours entertaining your cat with JW's Hol-ee Roller Cat Wand.
PRODUCT NOTE: This product ships in three assorted colors: blue, red, or green
When the wand is wound up for storage, it measures 18" long. When the wand is un-wound for playtime, it measure 45" long.


45" L x 2" W
Product Weight
.17 LB


  • A great way to play with & exercise your cat
  • Made from durable materials & built to last
  • Designed to activate your cat's instinct to pounce & play
  • Stuff with treats, feathers, yarn, etc.